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What Lightway Sun Tunnels Deliver?

Thanks to its exceptional ability and original components, Lightway successfully delivers plenty of sunlight for a very long period of time, without condensation and water leakage, and without heat loss in winter. In summer, you also won’t be troubled by heating and an air-conditioning burden.

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We provide evenly sunlight-lit workplaces, warehouses or sales areas without need of electric lighting through the day and reducing repeated servicing and changing of electric lights. Lightway helps lower CO2 emissions and fulfill ecological requirements for companies and lowers bills on electricity consumption for useless lighting with electric light through the day. We deliver plenty of natural light for employees so that their work performance won’t drop and they have energy and willingness to work overtime if it is necessary.


We ensure larger turnover on the sales floor when they are provided with sunlight from Lightway sun tunnels. Men especially spend more and stay longer when there is enough sunlight in a store. We fulfill required standards for day lighting in buildings according to the required factors, and hygienists will not prevent final approval. Lightway delivers plenty of sunlight for various classes of visual complexity of work and enables the approval of the space as a permanent workplace.

Sun Tunnels

Lightway Individual adapts to construction layout requirements and adapts to a given area where standard sun tunnels cannot be used and the interior would be deprived of daylight. Lightway, thanks to its abundance of healthy delivered daylight, lowers illness and employee sick days by 10% and improves their moods. Lightway illuminates sales floors with sunlight attracting more attention from customers who would otherwise avoid your store. Lightway delivers sunlight to spaces with fire regulations and adapts to requirements for fire resistance of 15 – 30 – 45 minutes.

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