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Lightway Sun Tunnels - Video Guide

Why are Lightway crystal sun tunnels unique? Watch the video.

Sunlights Lightway F400

Sun tunnel from the side wall.

A frequent wish of customers in cities who want more healthy sunlight in their fl ats, homes, or offi ces is to bring it in through the wall of the building. They have dark rooms far from the roof, and leading the light tubes through several fl oors of a high-rise building is impractical.

The history of crystal dome

During building most houses you can find that to place windows into all walls is completely impossible. In spite of this you can bring natural daylight into all rooms. And this is thanks to the Lightway tubular skylights the domes of which are produced from the Czech crystal glass. Thanks to the domes intensive natural daylight so important for your health and health of your children gets into all rooms.

Lightway daylight

Natural light is more comfortable and healthier than white artificial as almost everyone knows nowadays. But how to bring it into dark rooms without fundamentally changing the building structure poses a challenge. In rooms in which you cannot or do not want to install a window, Lightway daylight system is the solution. Daylight is transported into the room through a highly-reflective tube and distributed there. The Lightway daylight system is available in 5 sizes - for every room, the right lighting.

Lightway Benefit

Illuminating dark rooms is a breeze with Lightway daylight system and doing so is still significantly cheaper than the installation of an additional window. How much entering light one receives through Lightway daylight systems in a room is understandable in direct comparison: Even in the smallest design of light tube provides about 1000 lumens, representing a 50 W halogen lamp. Achieving the same brightness  can be achieved with the Lightway Silver 800 requires approximately 13 fluorescent tubes, each 58W. Levels for commercial properties multiply the benefits: The pleasant natural light can have a positive impact on consumer buying behavior, while it’s easy on the eyes and increases ease of doing business. Save your money! By consuming no more energy for lighting when it is light outside anyway. You save a lot of money on installation costs. Less energy is lost than from most windows.

How does Lightway work

Sunlight is focused by a lens dome of crystal glass. Thus, even diffuse light, for example under cloudy skies, is directed into the Lightway tube. The Lightway tube is coated with the purest grade of 99.95% silver, allowing to give a guarantee for a period of 25 years on the surface of the light tube. Moreover, no bumps develop on the surface coating, as opposed to on laminated reflective films, which could negatively affect the reflectivity. Finally, natural light is distributed through a diffuser in the room. This is available in two versions. Frosted glass for perfect color reproduction and optimum light output. Double-paned acrylic glass. Lightway: Optimal lighting - without electricity.

Where to put Lightway

The Lightway daylight system can be installed almost anywhere. Thanks to its flexible mounting and the adjustable angle adapter, there are no difficulties in matching different roof lines and can be installed for every situation, depending on roof structure and size, within a very short time. For a flat roof or pitched roof, light transport over several floors or crooked lines - and even with side light outlet openings: What you can imagine - Lightway can achieve!

Lightway installing

The daylighting system is installed quickly and easily: Cut the hole. Attach the vapor control barrier. Install BP component into the roof thermal insulation. Put the tubes together and screw them. Waterproof the flashing with PVC foil or bitumenous membrane. Screw the glass dome in place. Attach the diffuser - and finished!

Against water condensation

High heating losses are not an issue with Lightway. The argon-filled insulation double glass offers a performance and unprecedented transparency, better insulation than most currently produced windows. Using thermal breaks cold spots are completely avoided in the interior where water vapour condensation can occur. The Lightway daylight system is thermally designed so that it can be integrated without problems in passive- and low- energy houses. Our years of experience make Lightway specialists in this field. A simple and effective solution in which all factors are considered!

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