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Lightway sunlight delivered custom made...

Special Application of Lightway Sun Tunnels

Lightway cannot always be installed in a building in its standard produced form. This is why there is Lightway Individual, which enables architects, designers and creative owners of buildings to bring sunlight where other sun tunnels are not possible.

If it is necessary to light a stairway in the middle of a tall building.

Lightway was given the task: Light the stairway so that it is not necessary to sacrifice the most valuable space at the façade of the building...



If it is necessary to light a street traffic tunnel.

Sunlight in the tunnel, provided by Lightway sun tunnels, saves on electricity bills and increases safety in the tunnel. It improves the visual comfort for drivers who don’t have to adjust their sight so quickly to the changes of color and intensity of sunlight to that of electrical lighting.

below-ground rooms

If it is necessary to light below-ground rooms in a house.

Lightway can be more effective than so-called window wells. The dome is placed at terrain level at the façade of the building and sunlight flows into the cellar space where it can then be directed to, e.g. an office.


If it is necessary to adjust the light diffuser to the customer’s wishes.

The Lightway Individual division allows the adaptation of the shape, color and structure of the diffuser exactly according to customers’ requests. Do you need a triangular, oval or square diffuser? Lightway custom-makes them even according to requirements of architects and designers. Does the customer have a wooden ceiling, or atypically-colored ceiling? Lightway Individual division will do whatever is necessary to fulfill your imagination.


Do you require a fire-resistant sun tunnel?

Is it necessary to fulfill fire resistance for 15, 30 or 45 minutes? Lightway Individual division will discuss with the fire department or with the designer about the concrete requirements of a specific building and design a solution which meets standards. This allows the delivery of sunlight to places where, as an obstacle to fire protection, it wasn’t before possible.


Do you need a custom-made sun tunnel roof flashing?

Metal flashings for metal roof coverings are always produced custom-made according to type of metal used (copper, titanium-zinc, etc.) and according to the profile of the metal roofing. This ensures perfect water-sealing and longevity of both the flashing and roof covering because the same material technology is used for both roof and flashing.

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