What Are Sun Tunnels?

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Lightway crystal sun tunnels deliver plenty of sunlight even where it is not usually possible.


A sun tunnel is a device which has as its task to deliver enough healthy sunlight from the roof or façade of a building into a room where there are no windows or skylights.

The DomeThe Dome

It is on the roof or façade of the building. Lightway sun tunnel domes are made of crystal or Plexiglas. Its task is to collect as much light from the sky as possible and send it into the tube. A dome mustn’t turn yellow or collect dust. It mustn’t alter the color quality and nature of sunlight even after many years of the sun tunnel’s functioning.

The Tube

The Tube

Lightway’s sun tunnel tube is a rigid tube which is capable of making turns by using an adjustable elbow. Thanks to its huge directional reflectivity and low decomposition, our tunnels manage to deliver sunlight to even a distance of 50 m from the dome. The reflective layer is made of silver and silicon oxides which are fixed by chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum. Its guarantee is 25 years. The layer mustn’t crack or peel or be warped by changes of temperature and humidity.

The DiffuserThe Diffuser

The light diffuser is in the ceiling or wall of a room. Lightway’s diffuser is of sodium-potassium glass or of Plexiglas. It mustn’t distort the given color of sunlight and mustn’t age so that it is continuously allowing maximum light outflow. It must evenly distribute sunlight across the entire surface of the room.

The functionality of the domeThe functionality of the dome

With sun tunnels it happens that they aren’t capable of delivering enough sunlight even from the very beginning of their service. Then after a few months or years, this is worsened by yellowing of a plastic roof dome, leading to baked-on layers of dust and smog on its surface which rain isn’t able to wash away and return the sun tunnel to a functioning state. That’s why Lightway developed a roof dome of crystal or Plexiglas.

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