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Buying a sun tunnel doesn’t mean that water will leak from the sun tunnel, and that in a few years it will go dark because the dome yellows and the reflective layer of the tube cracks...

Jakub Brandalík

Just as we produce sun tunnels, we also sell and install them...

Jakub Brandalík, Lightway owner

Tubular sun tunnels have been our work and hobby since 1999, when we began producing them. Since the beginning we’ve done direct sales so that customers get a sun tunnel with professional installation and a complete guarantee directly from the producer. We chose direct sale so that customers receive professional service from measuring in their building, to designing and the final installation. Maybe it makes things harder for us, but the product of the company is a Lighted Space Exactly according to the Customer’s Imagination. How could we ensure this aim without a doubt if Lightway sold through building companies or contractors? Which of them can guarantee that they will provide the best and safe daylight and install a sun tunnel so that customers receive exactly what they imagine?  Our people are trained precisely for that.  I trust them and oversee them.


What will a customer do when he stands under his sun tunnel and there’s water dripping from it?

Will he call a roofing company to fix it? And the roofer will call us? So that this doesn’t happen, Lightway has its own trained sales people who are also technical consultants. And if our sales person doesn’t know, we have a department of technical support with professionals who have well-studied technical solutions and tested practice. The Realization Department then provides professional installation of sun tunnels by trained staff and our Application Manager verifies the final product.  The entire process is ensured under Lightway’s name from the beginning to the achievement of the final product:  A room lit by daylight. Such an approach requires trained specialists and supervision.  Companies which sell competitive sun tunnels are usually cheaper and if a customer does not see, or doesn’t want to see the difference, all we can tell them is:  Please contact the competition.

A sun tunnel isn’t a product which is the same every time. To achieve the final product, experience, everyday practice and control are required. The people who the customer turns to aren’t always professionally capable and they make mistakes. To avoid such mistakes, an independent field of sun tunnel illumination has been created.

Lightway exports sun tunnels throughout the whole world and I often meet people interested in selling in a country who see an attractive product and large profits and want exclusive distribution for the whole country in hopes that this superior product will ensure prosperity by itself.  The firms with which we cooperate abroad must have a philosophy similar to that of Lightway in the Czech Republic and know that it is not their product which is superior, the sold sun tunnel, but the brilliantly illuminated room with an enthusiastic user inside.

And how did I get into producing sun tunnels? In 1998 I was sitting on the toilet with a magazine in which there was an article about sun tunnels from the USA.  We started to produce sun tunnels which shine sufficiently even under overcast skies. That was exactly the task, a large amount of light even on a typical winter’s day with the sky full of clouds in Central and Northern Europe. The marketing question was clear from the beginning: When does a person need the most daylight? Under overcast skies in winter or under cloudless skies full of sunshine, for example the kind in California?

Lightway is among those more expensive products and isn’t for everyone.  If a customer isn’t able to distinguish, he probably won’t buy a sun tunnel including full service. If they begin to be interested in the differences, they will see that Lightway is not the same as other sun tunnels and services and they will choose Lightway for their dark rooms. Their reward will be light from the sky shining through the room exactly as they imagined. And what’s more, without water leaking from it, without heat loss in winter and without heating of rooms on hot summer days. Tens of thousands of customers throughout the world have appreciated Lightway despite the fact that the competition sometimes offers much cheaper sun tunnels and “dark tunnels”.

I wish you beautiful shining days!
Jakub Brandalík Owner


And why does Lightway exist?

Ing. Jiří Bonk, Lightway co-owner

The answer is in our following company aims. When all of them are fulfilled, we know we are doing a good job.

  • Illuminate dark spaces in buildings with refreshing natural daylight where a window is not enough.
  • Transform a dark room into a sun-lit environment with tubular sun tunnels which bring daylight from the sky without the need for electricity.
  • Contribute to the removal of symptoms of tired eyes from electric lighting, to restoring the quality of vision, and to the prevention of disease from lack of daylight.
  • Encourage customers’ good moods with the sun-lit spaces in their homes and workplaces.

Organizational Structure of Lightway

Organizational Structure

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