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Lightway Crystal sun tunnels won’t shine long or enough if their installation isn’t excellently managed.

The product of the company Lightway is an abundantly sun-lit room precisely according to the customer’s imagination.

That’s why Lightway has its own installation department with experienced people who install sun tunnels every day.

Installing a sun tunnel is not a difficult task if:

  • They are installed carefully.
  • One knows how to connect the roof vapor barrier.
  • One is experienced in roofing and isolation.
  • One has a perfect knowledge of Lightway sun tunnels.
  • One has been trained in Lightway installation and has everyday practice.
  • There are at least two installers on the job.


Beware of Bad Installation

What will you do when water is leaking from your sun tunnel in winter or it won’t be shining much? Call a construction or roofing company which installed the sun tunnel the first time to come fix it? How will they respond? Will they know how to solve it? Did they connect the vapor-barrier well? Did they mount the tubes and elbows well? Did they seal the dome and diffuser correctly? How did they ensure that water wouldn’t condensate inside the sun tunnel? Can you expect professional sun tunnel installation from a worker who installs sun tunnels once in two months?


Who is installing the sun tunnel?

It must be people who understand roofs; it’s the first assumption that sun tunnels won’t be troubled by leaking. It must be people who are careful and not overly hurried. And they should be installers who install sun tunnels every day, because installing a sun tunnel isn’t as simple as it seems at first glance. An extensive guarantee and top-grade sun tunnel material don’t ensure that flawed installation won’t ruin everything and you’ll pay a lot of money for other troubles to your home.

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