Lightway’s Awards and Recognition

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Lightway has received several awards since 1999

And what was positively evaluated?

  • That Lightway produces their domes from Bohemian Crystal.
  • That Lightway’s tubes have a vapor-deposited in a vacuum reflective layer with a 25-year guarantee.
  • That Lightway brings huge savings of energy and CO2 emissions.
  • That Lightway has a design which is pleasing.
  • That Lightway has light diffusers made of sodium-potassium glass.
  • That Lightway has Blue Performance, which prevents water condensation and heat loss.

Diplom Střechařský inzerát roku 2011

Product of the Year CompetitionHonorable Mention

Excellent Product of 2007Excellent Product of 2007Gold Medal IBF 2005

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