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Lightway Crystal Sun Tunnels have domes of crystal glass and light diffusers of sodium-potassium glass.

What all could have gone wrong if:

  • the sun tunnel at the start doesn’t shine as expected and only tiredly squints in the room,
  • water condenses in the tunnel, soaks through the ceiling, drips in the room, moulding on the walls,
  • valuable heat escapes from the sun tunnel in winter months and uselessly heating is expensive,
  • the plastic dome on the roof yellows after a few months and doesn’t let light through,
  • water leaks from roof installation points and damages the building construction,
  • the reflective layer inside the tube cracks or peels and the sun tunnel shines less and less,
  • parts of the tube fall apart and the sun tunnel collapses and falls, thus shining no more,
  • in summer it shined brightly and now in winter it’s a dim “dark tunnel” which doesn’t deliver light,
  • during summer months the interior is excessively heated where the sun tunnel is installed,
  • the installation firm can’t handle your complaint and blames the producer’s guarantee,
  • the company who sold the sun tunnel refuses responsibility because installation isn’t covered.

All of these things have happened with sun tunnels since 1998 and over time have also been successfully removed. Today we can discuss such shadowy sides if sun tunnels which no one wants to boast about.

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