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Modern and innovative solutions delight any home owner. You know your needs and requirements better than we do. The current costs are a risk from year to year, with no end in sight.

The increased awareness of health has made organic and eco products a standard. And in the eternal debate about health reform, we increasingly consider anything that might damage our health. We offer an intelligent, innovative and healthy product. Lightway daylight systems utilize the source of all life – the sun. With amazing results more and more people enjoy life-giving light filling the rooms where no windows can be installed or where you just want to have more light and well-being in your life.


Easy & Secure

Help your customers with new solutions. Your customers want to renovate quickly and cleanly. The quick and clean installation of Lightway tubular daylight systems leaves your customers with a very good impression. Your external appearance will be strengthened as a company for innovation and for high quality service. Lightway is a reliable partner whose broad shoulders provide a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on the surface of the light tubes.


Proved & stable value

The systematic construction of Lightway daylight systems guarantees a simple order processing and assembly. The Lightway materials are state of the art and have all the necessary certificates. Lightway lighting systems are CE-certified both according to EN 14351-1 (windows) and according to EN 18 073 (skylights) and guarantee compliance with government regulations and your customers a high level of security. The extreme resilience of the materials prevents defects. You can establish itself as a daylight expert to your customers. Lightway guarantee a longstanding and consistent quality.


Individual & Flexible

Be the first in your country who offers Lightway daylight devices. Through our PR department you will get a professional and sustainable presence in the media. Your name will constantly be on everyone’s lips with our regular newspaper articles. Our training program focuses on everything from the product to the sale, guarantees you tailor-made conditions and brings the hidden talent of your staff to light. Lightway daylight devices are unique and offer you individual design options. With the world’s first BLUEperformance technology you will enter new markets. You will be one of the best in your industry and improve your product offer.


High-class & Market-leading

With Lightway daylight devices you create greater choice for your customers. Also within our nationwide marketing you get clientele with above-average household income. Customers of Lightway are in important positions and will recommend you to their contacts. Our Premium-Partner concept offers attractive returns and yields a high profit potential. Take control of your industry and become a leader in your region.


Lightway tubular daylight devices efficiently transport sunlight and daylight over long distances in your rooms. Individually packaged and with five different sizes, they will always be suitable to your needs. Lightway daylight systems guarantee your customers a number of design options. Double glazed diffusers or BLUEperformance are ready for passive home standards. This includes corridors or hallways, stairwells, kitchens, the study, etc. you are provided with the best light – daylight. At the same time, you are reducing the CO2 emissions for your comfort and your health! Lightway is a modern service provider for its trade partners. From product innovation to the development and optimization of imaginative marketing strategies, a company from the capital city of The Czech Republic, Prague, also offers added-value above the net sales. This claim is totally supported by new and old customers alike and is very much appreciated and rewarded. At Lightway there are practical solutions that are tailored to individual customer needs.

Lightway – the reliable partner for your future!

Your advantages:

  • High gain potential increases your returns
  • New clientele with a high household income
  • Always on the most current level with the Lightway training program
  • Publicity through our PR department
  • New solutions for your customers
  • In with the trends of your customers

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