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In order that the number and type of Lightway sun tunnels is exactly what you require

Provide us with the required amount of sunlight which you need in the room, office, hall, shop and we will make a custom calculation of the amount and type of Lightway sun tunnels. Provide us with the hygienic norms you need to fulfill and we will calculate how many and what type of Lightway sun tunnels are needed. We provide independent and specialist measuring of sunlight factors after Lightway installation as a document for building approval stating that conditions for norms have been met for daylight. The following methods are used for Lightway calculations. Choose which one suits you best, or send us a request for technical support directly.

I Want Technical


Calculation of Sunlight Amount under an Evenly Overcast Sky According to Hygienic Norms.

A value is determined for sunlight factors according to classes of visual complexity. This calculation is intended for fulfilling this requirement. The result will be the required amount and type of Lightways.

Sample Calculations for Hygienic Norms:


Study and Calculation for Required Number of Lightways including 3D modulations.

Do you know that you need a certain level of lux in your workplace or other part of the building? We will arrange it in our Lightway Technical Support Department.

Samples of studies and calculations for desired amounts of lux:

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