Where to Put a Sun Tunnel?

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Lightway Crystal sun tunnels deliver sunlight to rooms inside of buildings which are far from windows.



How often do we walk down a dark hallway with sunshine outside and we turn on lights? Is there another way? Your beautiful doors and floors aren’t seen during the day without artificial light.



Do they forget to turn off the lights? How many times must we tell them that electricity costs money? But no one sends a bill for sunlight.


Bathrooms and Toilets

Women know that putting on make-up in the mirror without daylight isn’t easy. How do the face colors change outside in daylight when under a light bulb the make-up looks so great.



While cooking the whole morning light bulbs shine on us and strain our eyes. Why did we pay so much for our kitchen counter and cupboards when they’re in the dark.

Children’s Room

Children’s Rooms

When did they find out that their kids suddenly needed reading glasses? Did they know that sunlight raises the ability to concentrate on studies and lowers hyperactivity in children?

Living Room

Living Rooms

We chose the best furniture for our living room. How do the best floor surfaces look now that they are in the dark?



Can we imagine that, thanks to sunlight, a tight cloakroom or entryway can be a shining and refreshing room?

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